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This review page is to create a space where Sock Fetishists can research some websites that they may be thinking of joining. We hope to offer fair reviews based on our main interest -"Socks"
We will review not only the content and it's relevancy to socks and sock fetish, but also take a fair look at the interface, ease of use, speed, price value, quality of content, etc.

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Shoeplay Warehouse Interview

This post is a feature Interview with the creator/producer of Shoeplay Warehouse who kindly sent in some samples of his work along with taking the time to answer some questions for our site visitors.
We have seen his work for years on the sock fetish scene and his new site features some fantastic material well worth checking out if you are into socks and shoeplay. I have viewed "The Texan" in entirety and was really impressed with the great video quality, fantastic variety of angles in different natural settings with amazing shoe/sock play from a beautiful model wearing perfectly dirty cute white socks, you get incredible value in this video, highly recommended!
Read the interview below and head over to Shoeplay Warehouse to help support this producer continue to create unique content that sock and shoeplay lovers can truly appreciate.

Sample Photo From the Video - The Texan

Tell us about yourself and your store:
Well, firstly, my name is Debulon. I'm a college student studying Computer Science. My store is called, The Shoeplay Warehouse at and it's two lesser branches are called, Silly Soles High, and Silly Soles State.

Explain Shoeplay to the Uninitiated:
Shoeplay is an activity that most people engage in to some extent. It involves the moving of the shoe in different ways. Sometimes you slip your foot out of the shoe, sometimes you drag the shoe on the floor, sometimes you dangle the shoe, it varies from person to person, and it all depends on the person who is doing the work. I've found that very few foot fetishists outright do not like Shoeplay, which says a lot about it's popularity. I think it's quite a beautiful thing myself.

Talk about the site,what it is, what it has, long term goals, etc.:
 TSW is a repository of shoeplay. It is mainly focused on socks since that is my main interest, but I do barefoot and nylon as well. I actually have lots of media I haven't published yet. It's main components are shoeplay, foot play and tickling. I like to incorporate all of that into my work,. But I also have another store for tickling specifically. Long term, I plan to have this for at least another five years, grow this little project bigger, incorporate more interests into it, but never too much, since that could upset the balance between Shoeplay and extraneous items.

When did you first begin taking notice of female feet and shoeplay?
 I remember first taking notice of shoeplay when I was in kindergarten. There was a girl named Amber who wore a yellow t-shirt, light blue jeans and white socks and sneakers. We were having a naptime, where we would sit at our desks. That day I just happened to be positioned to see Amber across the room, playing roughly with her sneakers. I wasn’t mystified, I wasn’t disturbed, I just knew that was something I enjoyed, and that I would look forward to seeing it again if possible. I never completely took notice of female feet. Just the socked feet, so the socks were what caught my attention. It wasn’t until I hit twenty and was interested in making more money on my clip store, that I had decided to engage in more appreciation of the bare female foot.

How did it start? Why and what made you start your site? How did my full on fixation for female socked feet start?
It had been primed in eigth grade, when I went to a Muslim school in my city, because it had the best reputation in my city of producing excellent students, and imagine being the only boy in class, in eighth grade, and everywhere you looked, there were girls wearing blue jeans and white socks, often times very dirty, and they were engaging in heavy shoeplay, foot play and even tickling. That was just in the class. I then had to deal with the view of the women as they took their shoes off to pray. That one year was what primed me. The next year I had concocted plans to get grown women to take off their shoes, and let me smell, lick and tickle their feet, in socks. The idea worked until I decided not to do it anymore, at the age of twenty-two. I could still do it if I wanted to, but I have a more reliable connection for feet to enjoy now. But when I was doing it, I brought in between ten and twenty women per day, from all ethnic groups. I think that was an accomplishment. What made me start my site? Simple, people enjoyed the videos I was putting up on Youtube, and a friend of mine and I had been discussing it for months. I made the plunge first because I had a dire situation. My family was in its last few years of paying the mortgage on our house, and they did not know I had a store. So, I’d cash my check, and put the bulk of it at my mother’s doorway so she could put it in the mortgage. She thought my father did it, and he thought my mother did it, until I revealed it after we finished paying it.

When did you first open your clips stores?
My clip stores first opened in 2013.

Are you alone or work with a team to help produce the clips?
 I have a team I work with. A lady to procure the models and a man to interview and help me film.

How has the fan reaction been?
Fans of the work of Solebug have been generally faithful. So, when I started TSW, there was a great deal of praise.

What kind of comments do you receive?
I often get comments like, “Your work is fantastic,” or, “Great job.” The usual. I used to be hung up on comments and enjoyed receiving them, whether they were good or bad. Now I just try to focus on the content of the videos I produce. I still love comments, it lets me know that I’m still enjoyed; but, I think the fans would appreciate a work of art rather than someone who complains about the comments, like I was prone to do. Basically, I’m not a comment whore anymore.

Do you do customs?
Yes, the bulk of my work is in fact customs. I will make a custom video for $80 USD and I can send it via Download Link or I will send it by US Mail. You get free shipping if by US Mail, you paid enough for it. My new policy is that I send out the US Mail parcels the Tuesday after filming. I usually film on Fridays. It gives me time over the weekend to format the video and get everything to CD DVD.

Do the models sell any items?
 Yes, they sell their socks, sometimes their shoes. For pricing, you’ll have to inquire within.

How often are you out there shooting new content?
I’m out pretty often. Once a week usually; if it’s not for TSW it’s for other projects.

How are you recruiting girls for your shoots?
I use modeling websites and craigslist.

What's the general reaction when you tell them the content you are going to be shooting?
When I first started out, I’d have issues with people never returning e-mails. I don’t like e-mail for models, I prefer in-person meetings. Which most models do not like. They prefer to converse over e-mail. This is because they have the idea of a large, sex-crazed bruiser who may kidnap them. If you’ve seen the Lifetime Network, you know what I’m talking about. The problem with that is, we have media that pushes that stereotype, and most men I have encountered aren’t sex-crazed and in general could care less about the woman next to them. I prefer in-person meetings because you get to actually size up the person, and chat with them, show them that their idea was incorrect. One model, one of my favorites actually, thought I was Chinese or Korean, because I spoke softly and calmly on the phone. So, I’ve gone from having people hang up on me, and give me the spiel about how this is porn (which I disagree with for several reasons) and insult me, to having people come in, sit down and actually listen to what I have to say. Money talks, and bologna walks.

Whose has been your fav model to work with?
 I have several actually. One of my favorites would have to be Wendy. She’s a very talented, hard working young woman. She brings a lot of enthusiasm, and a street appeal that I can’t get enough of. She has a tempting way of playing with her shoes that with a little practice could really make me a Wendy addict. Up there of course would have to be the original model, Darlene. She was the one who started TSW off, and made me forever hooked on short women with size six shoes. She was a woman who after filming and I’d be editing the videos I’d sit mesmerized at how she moved her feet. She didn’t know how to shoeplay until she met me, and then she found she was stuck in the habit. I hope a shoeplay fetishist sees her on the street and enjoys what she’s made for herself. She’s smart, exotic, sexy and a shoeplayer to boot. She’s basically Heaven walking, if you ask me. There’s also Natasha, she brings to the table the kind of shoeplay that you’d expect a girl in High School or College would give if she knew you liked her feet and continued to tease you in class. She’s not just great to talk with from time to time, but she knows how to blow your mind with her feet. Whenever I edit her videos, hers stand out because of the sheer madness that goes on under the chair.

What are some of your favorite clips that you've done and why?
My number one favorite video would have to be, She Plays In Class, featuring Darlene. Like I said, she got into the habit, and when we did that video, she wore a pair of super stinky white socks, perfect filth on the bottoms. Everything about that woman was just amazing. My number two would be a triple tie. Firstly, the Lara Lee Baker videos Playing In Class. The Tale of the Lakota, and The Gypsies. It was intended to be an educational video experiment. Shoeplay, but also learning about various cultures. Most people aren’t too up to date on different cultures, but they LOVE LOVE LOVE, the people from those cultures. Case in point, I love Indian women, and various Middle Eastern and Arab cultured women. So I decided to get some interesting outlooks from an Anthropologist about these cultures. She was glad to help, and her shoeplay was phenomenal. I plan to do more of them when I get enough money. Particularly about Eastern cultures. My other number two would be any of my Ariely Mendez videos from Silly Soles High. She was second most perfect in all of my models. Her shoeplay form was what shoeplay addicts crave. Proof of that, I’ve seen the same people purchase her videos, the same videos, three times. I’m assuming they lost the videos and needed new ones. I am always on the lookout for a girl like her.

Of the Models you have shot content with, who has had the smelliest socks/feet in your much-envied experiences?
My newest model, Mindi, who I’ll be shooting a Silly Soles High video with next Friday. Her feet are the most corn-chippy I’ve had the pleasure to smell.

Do you have a script to guide you when shooting or are you improvising as you go?
I only use scripts for Customs. Everything else I let happen organically, or naturally. She Plays In Class was completely natural. Good lord, have you seen how it turned out? Nature is amazing.

Are the story ideas fantasies of yours, requests from fans, how are you thinking up new ideas and scenarios to keep it fresh?
The Stories are usually fantasies of mine, unless it’s a custom. I’m a writer and teacher by nature, so I’m pretty creative. But if I’m on a college campus, or a high school campus, I just use those locales and make something pertinent to those locations up. The women help me just with their presence.

How are the models preparing for filming, do you ask them to wear socks for a few days, make shoes stinky, not wash feet, etc.?
 I usually tell them to wear the same socks and shoes for several days if I’m paying them a lot of money for the video. Like in, A Good Day to Play Hard, she wore them for a week in 90 plus degree weather to get those socks that way. Sometimes I tell them not to wash their feet. Usually the shoes are good either way.

What kind of equipment are you using for the clips and how do you put it all together?
 I use a 2,000 dollar Canon Vixia camera to film TSW videos now. I used to use a Sony DXH Something. I plan to purchase another Canon for a bigger TSW project. No one has to use a 2,000 dollar camera, I put it all together with Cyberlink Power Director, and format them at the Largest, clearest DVD format. Then I compress it to a third of its size as an MKV.

What are some foot fetish activities that you also enjoy?
Aside from Shoeplay, I don’t enjoy any other Foot Fetish Activities. Surprising, I know, considering I am always out there getting feet.

How have your thoughts changed, if any, in all the years since you first discovered the fetish?

 My thoughts haven’t changed much. I’m not much into the sexual aspect of it, as in the nudity and what-not, I adore the innocence of the fetish. The fact you can go anywhere and see a woman slip off her shoes and you go into commando mode. It’s really hilarious.

What's your opinion on the massive amounts of free porn out there?
 I’m not concerned with the massive amounts of free porn. If anything having that out there makes a customer want to go and get their videos or explore their website. I know a lot of people are very secretive in the foot community about their workings and their methods, and I can understand. What if you get found out? I say screw it. Humans can only do so much to each other. We’ll die anyway, enjoy your life. I enjoy having people put my work out there. It’s happened only several times, but every time that happened, I made two hundred bucks in a sitting. But I don’t consider my work Pornography, either. I wrote a blog post about that.

How does that affect a site like yours that specializes in such exclusive content?
Doesn’t affect me too much at all negatively. But I also don’t see it negatively. Like I said, I get 200 in a single sitting from some people when they see my stuff online at Youtube or Dailymotion.

What can people expect to see from your stores in the future?
 You can expect to see more educational videos. They’ll be interview style. I’m planning one about Israel and Palestine, and fortunately there’s a big Israeli and Palestinian population in my area. I recently met a Palestinian woman whose feet acted like they were on fire. I hope that’s indicative of what I’ll be bringing in. This year you can also expect to see more dark-skinned women. Southeast Asian, African, Latinegra, in addition to more Middle Eastern women as well. I’ve noticed an influx at our current colleges. I will be taking advantage of it.

Are you on social media? Where can people get updates and keep up with your activities?
I am on Social Media. You can find me on:
Twitter at @theshoeplaywarehou
Facebook at The Shoeplay Warehouse
The Shoeplay Warehouse Blog at

and the main website

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