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I was contacted a few weeks ago from the owner of and was delighted to see his interest in having his material reviewed for I don't really get many of these kind of requests and was excited to do some "research" :)
I had been starting to notice a few preview samples of videos on a few tube sites and i really liked what i saw,I was surprised and happy to hear from the owner about setting up a review. This says alot about,the fact that the owner
was interested in getting a review shows me he takes pride in his clips and is striving for feedback,a professional attitude from a genuine foot fetishist looking to keep putting out fantastic new material. is an independent foot fetish site started in 2008 by another foot lover who decided to make his own clips after being unable to find what he wanted in mainstream foot fetish material. The clips you will see here are totally original and have some of the best scenarios you will find,true foot fetish fantasies we have all imagined and it is amazing to see them played out for our enjoyment. All the clips feature gorgeous models,real women who don't look like fake studio actors,all the models have beautiful feet and the footwear and socks/hose is all genuine,these girls have stinky dirty sweaty feet and it shows they are not wearing studio props. The style of clips covers all forms of foot fetish-giantess,humiliation,smothering,sniffing/smelling,masturbation instruction,worship,girl-on-girl foot action,and for us sock lovers a massive portion of these lovely models in stinky dirty socks getting worshipped up close and personal. The clips have very original scenarios where the models don't seem to be acting and the sniffing of socks is very real,the girl-on-girl smelling action is just incredible and when these models works over a hungry slave you are getting some fantastic views as the camera angles and poses are super hot.The models know exactly what we want and don't look for instructions,you can see they are having fun and enjoying the scene.
We get to see roommates smelling each other's socks,guys getting trampled and crushed,punished by filthy stinky socks and feet,footslaves being tortured by demanding goddesses,all your foot fantasies acted out with delicious feet from gorgeous french models.All the clips,even the older ones are very high quality and the camera work is excellent,all the best angles are covered and you really feel close to the stink.As an added bonus we get to see some giantess clips with amazing special FX, puts together scenes where we can see the tiny foot slave being crushed and tortured by stinky foot goddesses,the FX are amazing and you will be surprised at how realistic it looks,all sot on high quality HD equipment,a great job with a a tremendous amount of work done by a master fetish clip maker.Custom clip ideas are welcome and fan feedback and suggestions are important part of material being produced.The clips are all quite professional productions,good lighting,clear audio,fantastic angles and perfect subtitles for those of us who don't understand French.The models say some great stuff and everything is translated perfectly,again a wonderful job and very professional,it's always nice to know what these hot goddesses are saying as you see their wonderfully stinky and dirty feet crush your face.

I have a membership to the membership site on Clips4Sale and currently there are 118 fantastic high quality clips regularly updated that you can watch or you can visit the Clips store and purchase individual clips.I admit i'm not a huge fan of Clips4Sale format(i think they take too much percentage from the producers) but as works on their own website this is the best place to see all the clips for one low price. For those interested in individual clips the store has all the clips in different formats for whatever type of connection you have.I look forward to seeing their own site in the future with added features and a forum for interaction with fans but as the site is being built it is definitely worth the membership fee to the current site to see this fantastic original material,you will not find this type of amazing foot fetish content anywhere else and the clips keep getting better with a new video style coming soon!

Sock Fetish Content
There is no doubt this site has some of the best sock fetish content out there,stunning babes showing off every angle in dirty stinky socks and giving some of the most interesting sock scenes,i would say about 60% of the clips contain some sock sniffing,worship,or general sock fetish play,you will not be disappointed and when the socks do get peeled off you will see some some gorgeous feet in wonderful foot fetish fantasies.You can expect excellent value for hard to find sock material for the true fetishist,the clips are never boring or fake and there is something for all types of sock fetish lovers.

I was happy to review and in my opinion it is one of the best foot-fetish studios out there at the moment,amazing clips for the sock fetishist with fantastic models in some unique scenes,it shows how much the producer loves his foot-fetish and how much effort he puts into making these super hot clips,check them out and support this awesome producer so he can keep making such high quality work.



NC from FrenchGirlsFeet was kind enough to answer some questions for the review to give some background on his work and to talk about making fetish clips,we all appreciate his thoughts,thanks again!

SSF - 
FGF - NC,Webmaster from

SSF - how long has the site been online?
FGF - I created the clip store on may 2008

SSF - how did it start,why and what made you start your site?
FGF - I started making videos because I never found the foot fetish related material I was looking for on the web, so I decide to produce it by myself, that way I was sure that a lot of people like me would apreciate it. I started making videos with my girlfriend just to see if it would work, then I asked some other friends when I saw the sales were growing.

SSF - Are you doing everything alone or is FGF a production team,do you have a crew?
FGF - Yes I'm doing everything alone as I don't produce videos every day, I have time to combine FGF with my real job. Just 1 or 2 hours per day is enough for now, but maybe one day I'll need someone to help me editing the video because it takes me a lot of time (due to the english subtitles, and the FX )

SSF - Who does all the fantastic FX in your clips and how? it's so well done,must take alot of time,super cool to watch
FGF - Thank you! I bought a greenscreen backdrop on the internet and work with Adobe software. Adobe After Effectsm it's quite hard to use when you don't know it but after I few hours testing the functionnalities, I learned how to put tinymen at the feet of these goddesses. I spent a lot of time on it, trying to make it the most realistic I can because I often was disapointed by the non-realistic ones I saw before. But it needs a very powerfull computer, I work with a quadcore (3ghz) processor and 8Gb of memory and it still not fast enought for me to render the video in HD.

SSF - Who does the subtitles and why do you make such an effort? again-great job,the translations are excellent.
FGF - As for the FX, I try to translate each words of my models to make it realistic for everyone, not only the french people. I'm not a native english speaker but with a good dictionnary and my practise experience I manage to make the world understand what these beautiful girls are talking about, it's very important for me.

SSF - You incorporate many great story ideas in your clips,do you have a script to guide you when shooting or are you improvising as you go?
FGF - Most of the time I just have a global idea of what I want to do, and I improvise the story during the shooting, so I can share ideas with the models. That way she gets more involved into her work. But when I shoot custom videos, I exactly follow the script, and the model has no choice to make it :D (I previously send her the custom video script)

SSF - Are the story ideas fantasies of yours,requests from fans,how are you thinking up new ideas and scenarios to keep it fresh?
FGF - I always think about new ideas to keep it fresh, new story ideas (wich are most of the time fantasies of mine) but also new specials effects or shooting technics (Something very new and almost never done is coming during the summer on my store!). But I prefer shooting less often and having good different ideas than uploading a new one every day exactly the same as the day before.. It's very boring for the customer, and also for me!

SSF - What kind of equipment are you using for the clips and how do you put it all together?
FGF - I use a Sony A1E HD camcorder with 2 or 3 spotlight to make the image clear, and the greenscreen backdrop for the FX. I shoot all the clips in 1440x1080 16/9, then I capture it on my computer, and after editing with Adobe Premiere, I export two version in WMV format : one in 1280x720 and one other in 640x480 for the people who don't have I very fast internet connection (A lot of people in the world)

SSF - What's your opinion on the massive amounts of free porn out there? How does that affect a site like yours that specializes in such exclusive content? Do you have many regular members that stick with you waiting for great new clips or are most people buying individual clips?
FGF - I think the massive amounts of free porn on the internet is far from the foot fetish community we are contributing to.. Website likes footfetishtube, footfetishvidz, or even the forums are very useful for me to post previews of my productions. That way, people discover good websites, and some people are coming back very often on mine, buying my videos, sending me congratulation emails and I'm very glad of it. This is the reason why I try to make the best quality videos I can

SSF - Why did you decide to go with Clips4sale for distribution and not run your own paysite?
FGF - I upload my videos on but also on and to have more visibility. It's a good way to start but comissions are 40% from each sale, and some functions are missing in my point of view. That's why I'm building my own website, I hope it will be online at the end of the year, including payperview clips, membership area, and also a community forum.

SSF - How often are you shooting new clips?
FGF - It depends on the new scenario ideas I get and on the (good) fan requests. As I said before, I prefer quality to quantity so sometime I will shoot 5 times a week, and sometime nothing for 2 weeks.. It also depend on the models availability and motivation.

SSF - Where are most of the hot Foot Models  on your site from?
FGF - All the model are from the southeast of France, because I live there.

SSF - How are you recruiting girls for your shoots? What's the general reaction when you tell them the content you are going to be shooting?
FGF - All the models from my videos are friends of mine. Usually, they don't know about foot fetish so I explain them all about it and ask them if they would like to have an experience with it.  They are sometimes curious about it, sometimes afraid. But when they're curious about it, guess what happen.. ;)

SSF - Alot of the girls in your clips seem to be enjoying themselves,do many of the models look forward to working on new clips,do they contribute ideas ,etc?
FGF - I try to make them do what they like the most in foot fetish videos, I show them different kind of videos and we talk about it. That way I know what I can do with them, and what I can't. That's why they seem to be enjoying themselves in my clips, they just have fun!

SSF - How are the models preparing for filming,do you ask them to wear socks for a few days,make shoes stinky,not wash feet,ect?
FGF - For the first shoots with models, I generally ask them to wear socks for many days and make their shoes stink for the videos but after one or two videos  they do it by themselves, they know how to make the job great :)  Especially during the summer in the south of france, the weather is very hot so their feet are sooo stinky when they wear socks and shoes..

SSF - Of the Models you have shot content with,who has had the smelliest socks/feet in your lucky experiences? Whose feet did you enjoy worshipping the most?
FGF - I think Hanna has the stinkiest and the best one because she never wash her socks and nylons, just wearing them a lot and discard them when she judges they're to much used. Sometimes I ask her since when she wears it, the answer is often 1 week, 2 week, one time she told me : 1 month (!!!)

SSF - What else can we expect from FGF in the near future?
FGF - FGF own website, a lot of new FX giantess videos (including participation of hot foot goddesses from the web), and a very new video style coming out this summer

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