Goddessesfootboy Review
Monday, 19 July 2010 18:01

GoddessesFootboy.com Review

GoddessesFootboy.com is a Foot Fetish site based in Los Angeles, U.S.A. and has been around since 2006, first with a clipstore then with a website in 2007. If you have seen any of the samples from their site you will know that the Goddesses on this site are gorgeous,absolutely beautiful women of all varieties,from the shy looking girlfriend next door type to the crazy scary sexy Dominatrix with a mean streak that will make anyone beg to worship their feet and socks. Goddessesfootboy covers all the Foot Fetish genres,foot worship,barefeet,smelly feet,foot domination and humiliation,and most importantly to us Sock Fetishists,tons of hot babes in dirty smelly socks showing off and teasing you about how bad you want to sniff and kiss their socks and feet.
Many of the clips feature hot sock fetish scenarios where we see the Goddesses get their footslave to worship dirty,smelly socks in locations like the public park,dorm rooms, hotels,clubs etc, the clips are so much more authentic when we can see the footslave looking around nervously as he sniffs his Goddesses smelly socks and feet in plain view of the public with his Goddess laughing at how desperately pathetic he is. Other hot scenes show us footslaves being punished with dirty socks to clean,girl on girl sock sniffing, cuckold sock worship, slave sock worship, sniffing and humiliation,etc,there are too many hot clips with gorgeous Goddesses doing nasty things in their socks to mention here. The setups and scenarios show that the clips were made by real sock fetishists as we get many of our stinky sock fantasies filmed in HD for us to enjoy and believe me when i say these Goddesses have really DIRTY,SWEATY,STINKY looking socks for real,filthy feet and nasty dirty grimy sneakers and shoes,all types of socks-tubesocks,kneesocks,ankle socks,you name it,clips in HD you will be so close to the Goddesses smelly socks you will find it hard not imagine the stink, the photos and clips are all high quality,great photography with great poses and nice upclose sniffing angles, you will not be disappointed with the amount of material you get access to with a membership which not only includes all the sock fetish material you need,but also tons of foot worship and domination,humiliation and more foot fetish.

Navigating the site is easy,the menu is simple and easy to browse through,the girls are listed by name and there are sections for pics and movies with an updates area so you can get what you want fast! All photo sets are available in separate zips for quick downloads, the clips can be streamed immediately or downloaded at high speed and there are no limitations,the clips are yours to keep after download. The site design is plain but no bullshit,no fancy bells and whistles,no popups and frustrating confusion,just Sock and Foot Fetish, fast,easy and everything is very high quality,some older clips are lower resolution but the content is fantastic. Newer content is added 2-3 times a week and satisfies your lust for sexy new exclusive Goddesses in hot fetish scenarios for you to worship.

Currently there are 992 videos and over 5000 photos, all authentic sock and foot fetish action,all with over 150 Goddesses that will make you beg to sniff their socks and feet. Based on the quality and quantity of the clips and how hard it is to find this type of niche, and if you love gorgeous babes making you worship dirty smelly socks and feet as well as tons of other exclusive foot fetish content to satisfy any foot cravings,then you have to get access and see all this great material, you will find it hard to find other sites with such a great collection of sock fetish material as authentic as what you find here,and especially with such a great variety of beautiful Goddesses to worship.

As of July 15/2010 Memberships (in US Dollars)are:
31.35/ month
41.82/ 2 months
104.62/ 1 year

Those are amazing deals on multi month packages,sign up now!

Sock Fetish Content
Goddessesfootboy is the real deal and delivers us tons of sock clips and photos all with gorgeous models wearing some nasty smelly,dirty,sweaty looking socks,all real and ultra stinky,with sexy feet and socks being worshipped in every type of scenario for the sock fetishists,if you love authentic sock action,then this site is surely for you and most of the exclusive content is exactly what you need to satisfy your sock fetish fantasies as well as exploring other foot fetish scenarios.

I can honestly say this site is worth a visit, and i can say i have been a member more than once since it got online,Goddessesfootboy is one of my favorite sites,has some of the best Sock Fetish material with some of the hottest Models on the web,and is run by real sock and foot fetish lovers who are putting out authentic material for all of us to enjoy,if you are into such a rare niche fetish like smelly,dirty socks,then you owe yourself a visit to Goddessesfootboy.com, you will not regret it.


When i Started Smellysocksfetish.com i was given support and encouragement from fellow sock fetishist Mike from Goddessesfootboy.com,he was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions about Goddessesfootboy for those of you interested in a little background info and history about the site and the great people who make it happen.

SSF - SmellySocksFetish.com 
Mike - Mike,Webmaster from Goddessesfootboy.com

SSF - how long has the site been online?
Mike -  membership site since April '07 + clips4sale store since Feb '06

SSF - how did it start,why and what made you start your site?
Mike -  started filming foot worship sessions w/a Female friend, then went on to find naturally dominant badass Bitches

SSF - Are you alone or is Goddessesfootboy.com a production team?
Mike -  mostly just me, but members of my site appear in videos as well

SSF - Being that your site has been online for quite awhile by today's standards,how has the ride been goin since you started?
Mike -  con't complain, except for piracy.  That will all be ended one day soon though...stay tuned

SSF - How has it been to keep adapting to the changes in tech, ie.faster servers,streaming video,HD clips,microniche clipsites, pay for view porn,etc?
Mike -  trying my hardest to get my content on various sites

SSF - What's your opinion on the massive amounts of free porn out there? How does that affect a site like yours that specializes in such exclusive content?
Mike -  the "submissives" stealing from Mistresses are hypocrites.

SSF - How often are you out there shooting new content?
Mike -  3-4 days per week, some of it has never seen the light of day but will soon...

SSF - Are most of the hot Goddesses on your site from L.A?
Mike -  most, yes

SSF - How are you recruiting girls for your shoots? What's the general reaction when you tell them the content you are going to be shooting?
Mike -  Femdom and Foot Fetish is becoming more and more accepted.  Soon it won't be strange to anyone. Women are becoming more and more dominant/spiteful, etc.

SSF - Of the Goddesses you have shot content with,who has had the smelliest socks/feet in your much-envied experiences?
Mike -  Too many tied for stinkiest feet, but favorites Dommes of mine include Lexi & Madam Jas.

SSF - You seems to be branching out in your content,ballbusting for example,what else can we expect from Goddesses Footboy in the near future?
Mike -  Girls shooting us guys with airsoft pellet guns as well as something entirely new...stay tuned

Here are a few samples of some of the great content you will have access to when you sign-up with Goddessesfootboy.com

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