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PinkPonySocks Socks for Sale

This latest Sock Fetish Gallery is an amazing set of mixed dirty sock photos kindly offered to our Contributions section from a smelly sock seller called PinkPonySocks who has been selling her worn smelly socks for awhile and recently started making awesome sock fetish clips on Youtube. This lovely Sock Babe has been getting nothing but awesome feedback from happy sock sniffers who are enjoying her cute and smelly socks and even a fan of contacted me about the awesome socks he bought and said she easily had a 9/10 stinkometer reading and was extremely happy with his pair of her stinky filthy ankle socks:) PinkPonySocks is offering her smelly socks to someone who appreciates a stinky pair of dirty worn socks and takes the effort to be sure you get what you wanted for your sock smelling experiences, so have a look at her youtube channel to see her lovely socks and feet stinking up the air as she models her filthy smelly socks for you.

PinkPonySocks personally sent in this contribution set of these truly fantastic dirty socks photos so please leave a comment below to let her know you enjoyed her photos.


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Also if you would like to buy a pair of her stinky socks visit her website at for more details on her auctions and to see her awesome sock fetish clips!