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MoistCupcake-Smelly Dirty Socks For Sale

MoistCupcake is an awesome new Sock Goddess i discovered on Tumblr who sells her worn dirty smelly socks to stinky sock lovers and foot fetish fans.
Check out these smokin' hot shots of this gorgeous Sock Goddess wearing some of the pairs of awesome looking worn stinky socks she offers for sale

Here's a few details she wanted to share:

" I'm really enjoying my smelly sock fetish world.  Awhile ago I thought I was the only one enjoying my smelly socks.
To find out I'm not alone, there's a huge following for smelly socks.  I'm so excited :)
Reaching out to people that have the same qualities in life, makes me so happy ;)  I'll share my dirty little secret with you guys...
when my socks get smelly, I put my dirty socks on my pillow to smell  the whole night long while I'm sleeping.
My smelly socks have a soothing aroma for me. I sleep amazingly every night :) shhhh don't tell anyone
 I have drawers of socks I love wearing, my favorite socks are thick long warm ones. In the winter they always keep my toes toasty warm.

Please if there is any questions or requests, please contact me, can't wait to hear from you ;) "

Visit her tumblr page

Contact her directly to place your order -

or buy a pair of some stinky dirty worn socks on her auction page here

You know you want to worship her dirty smelly socks, order yourself a stinky pair and get sniffing!!

Visit her tumblr page

or buy a pair of stinky worn socks on her auction page here